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The Organization maintains a compact structure and layout which gives it the advantage of simplicity, responsiveness, and flexibility in its working.

CIE Factory

The team and the processes are well integrated as a unit to further benefit from the physical strengths of the unit. Our customers would agree that the balance of culture and structure is a visible advantage they benefit from no less than ourselves.



 Cutting machine

The cutting section is equipped with the Ramsons wider width fabric checking machine & Straight knife and End cutting machine that ensures 100% perfection. It consist HASHIMA 45cms fusing machine with PD control & Cloth Drill Machine. It improves turnaround times and expedites the cutting process with minimal waste and cost. The section also has Flat bed 20”*40” fusing machine for special components and Dye cut machine for small components.



With its wide range of advanced machinery & proficient labor capable of producing stylized garments with perfection & finesse, the sewing section has a hi-tech infrastructure. The production lines are fully integrated and operational with various types of powered sewing machines from Juki, Pegasus, Kansai, highlead & other specialized machines.


 VEIT Vacuum Ironing tables Apparel Finishing Table


The finishing section is equipped with VEIT Vacuum Ironing tables and presses. It also consist RAMSONS Steam Generating Electric boilers suitable for 4 tables & RAMSONS Steam Generating Diesel boilers suitable for 12 tables & RAMSONS Thread Sucking machine. We have RAMSONS Washing machine & RAMSONs HYDRO Extractor in the washing department.