R & D Capacity

R&D Capacity

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We have a team of qualified professionals in our Research & Development to focus on new fabrics, washes, aesthetics, etc.


Quality plays the key role in the business expansion of any corporation. It’s the core of a business. In our organization, the quality framework begins with the breaking down of the buyers sample and ascertaining the quality standards of the garments for threads, trims, fabrics, operations and processes, measurements, finishing procedures, and other consumables and non consumables. 
R&D is involved in the entire process of garment manufacturing from pre-production sampling to packing stage. It looks into Industrial engineering, process feasibility and other technical aspects.


Sampling stage (Product development)

Product engineering

Pattern engineering

Operation Research 


Pre- production stage (planning)

Layout and m/c engineering

Operators training

Operator's skill analysis



Production stage (implementation and feedback)

Work aids

Time and motion study

Material flow


R&D prepares a blue print for every style which starts from Policy deployment to Continuous improvement and finally to full proofing. Our concept of product quality is building quality into the product during manufacturing. For this we have online inspectors to oversee quality on each process and operation in the production cycle. Each piece is checked on the pre-described parameters before it is sent to the next department. It is ensured that the product passes through all parameters on each stage before it goes to the next. The result is a Good Quality Product and a Satisfied Customer.